Our Happy Customers

Congratulations on your car, Greg. Your father, Greg pictured on the left, was very excited, but nervous to give you, your first car. You are mobile and independent.

Monica, Great decision! You finally traded up. She traded in her boyfriend, paid some additional money and bought a new car.

James came to us with high aspirations and a big smile. He needed a work truck. We are happy to report, he left in a Toyota Tacoma and the streets are paved with gold.

Sarah arrived with her beloved family from the Boston area. Sue her mom, said we are looking for a caaa. I wonder if her mom went to Haaavard. Sarah complained that she was misunderstood. We all vented. Got through therapy and Sarah has a nice new caaaaa. Good Luck!

The Goodman Family stopped in today and purchased a Ford Explorer for their son. The daughter pictured in the middle, felt like she was mobile and independent even though her brother was getting the car. After spending a few short minutes with them, I can honestly say that they are a family filled with love, passion and excitement. God Bless and Good Luck!

Congratulations to THE FAMILY! No more car pooling. Steven Congrats! Your first car, enjoy it. I am sure everyone is thrilled.

Jackie and Lee, Congrats! on the Rodeo and the BUN in the oven.

Congrats! to Roberto and Jackie. They were so excited and proud to buy a Volvo S80 for their son. The young man is mobile and independant. God help us!

Ron and John spent two months looking for a car. Attention WORLD, it is over. Family and friends are thrilled. Congrats! and thanks for choosing Fort Myers Wholesale Autos. Good Luck!

Patrick has been driving the same SUV since high school and that was awhile ago. Despite RELENTLESS objections from his girlfriend, he decided to tap into his First Communion money and buy a convertible Camaro.

The Cutrights stopped by and test drove a Cadillac Deville. They were shopping for a luxury car for weeks. We are thrilled to anounce that this beautiful and special couple drove away in this car. Congrats and best of luck!

The Sanchez Clan had been hunting for a car for awhile. They called me about our Altima. We met at Hooters in Fort Myers. I fell in love with the "wings" and they fell in love with a 2003 Altima. Best Luck!

After days of BROKEN promises, John and Blaine drove down from Sarasota to test drive a 4X4 4-RUNNER to help them drive the snowy streets of Boston. After spending time with John, it is safe to say that he has some DEEP routed issues. I recommend some anger management and sensitivity training. This Guy is off the reservation. Blaine, I have no idea what you see in him. All kidding aside, this is a great couple and we wish you the best in Boston. Thanks for the opportunity.

Jason is the proud owner of a 2004 Honda Civic. Jason is surrounded by a loving and supportive family. We wish you the best and congratulation on the new car!

William congrats on your new car. Still laughing about the BIG guy's notebook, while he was shopping for cars. He wrote down everything. Your have alot of love and support around you. We wish you the best.

What a group! What a mom (far right) Folks Stacy (mom, allows Summer's (daughter, white shirt) friends to stay over for weeks. Just kidding!, but there is no limit to Stacy's love, devotion and affection for her family. Good luck!

Stefanee, is most passionate person about cars I have ever met. She needed this Subaru GT from the moment she saw it. We are honored tp play a small part in her happiness. Best of luck and continued success.

This young man was a character. The gift of gab and a personality on loan from God. Had a few issues and a little anger, but nothing a 1,000,000 dollars and a TEAM of therapists couldn't handle. Best of luck Tony!

Roy drove down from Ocala to purchase a F350 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. He needed this truck to take his business to the next level. We are glad, we could play a small part in the growth of the business and wish him continued success.

Jim was thrilled when we called and told him Fort Myers Wholesale Autos had sold his Lincoln Town Car. Pictured here with his check and a smile. Thanks Jim for the opportunity.

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